Daily Reading
Genesis 16 (Listen – 2:18)
Matthew 15 (Listen – 4:23)

Matthew 15.29-30
[Jesus] went up on a mountainside and sat down. Great crowds came to him, bringing the lame, the blind, the crippled, the mute and many others, and laid them at his feet; and he healed them. 

The tokens of Christ’s power and goodness are neither scarce nor scanty; for there is in him an overflowing fulness. He that knows the worth of souls, would go a great way to help to save one from death and Satan’s power. He sat down on a mountain, that all might see him, and have free access to him; for he is an open Savior. He sat down there, as one tired with his journey, and willing to have a little rest; or rather, as one waiting to be gracious. He settled himself to this good work.

Such was the goodness of Christ, that he admitted all sorts of people; the poor as well as the rich are welcome to Christ, and with him there is room enough for all comers. Such was the power of Christ, that he healed all sorts of diseases; those that came to him, brought their sick relations and friends along with them, and cast them down at Jesus’ feet. We read not of any thing they said to him, but they laid them down before him as objects of pity, to be looked upon by him. 

Whatever our case is, the only way to find ease and relief, is, to lay it at Christ’s feet, to spread it before him, and refer it to his cognizance, and then submit it to him, and refer it to his disposal. Those that would have spiritual healing from Christ, must lay themselves at his feet, to be ruled and ordered as he pleases. This is an instance of Christ’s power, which may comfort us in all our weaknesses; and of his pity, which may comfort us in all our miseries. [1]

Prayers from the Past:
We pray to you, God, our Sovereign, Christ, King for ever in the world of spirits,

stretch out your strong hands over your holy church and over the people that will always be yours.

Defend, protect, preserve them, fight and do battle for them, subject their enemies to them, subdue the invisible powers that oppose them, as you have already subdued those who hate us.

Raise now the sign of victory over us and grant that we might sing with Moses the song of triumph.

For yours are victory and power for ever and ever. Amen.

— Hippolytus of Rome, 235 C.E.

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[1] Abridged from Matthew Henry’s commentary on the whole Bible: complete and unabridged in one volume (p. 1692). Peabody: Hendrickson.