Devotional writing is vital to the spiritual growth and health of Christians in our scattered and busy culture but few ministry students receive specific training or practical experience in this area. We want to help students called to ministry improve their writing skills and gain experience in using this important ministry tool.

During Student Writers Month, students will:

  • Have the opportunity to write on an assigned passage of scripture, receiving critique and feedback from experienced writers and editors. 
  • Have access to weekly group coaching meetings with our staff and special guests. (Meetings are recommended but not required.) 
  • Have their resulting work published as part of our ministry, reaching over 3000 readers per month.
  • Be provided with a small stipend/scholarship for their work.

To be eligible, an individual must be pursuing a ministry-based career and must be a current or recent* student at an accredited institution of higher learning. *Students graduating in May of 2024 may still participate.

How to Apply
Interested students should fill out the form at this link. Note: The form will request information to verify eligibility, such as your degree program, a professor’s contact information for reference, and a link to a writing sample.

If you have further questions about eligibility or filling out the form, send an email to For more detailed information, please see our information sheet.

Below are the profiles of the students who participated in Student Writers Month in 2023.

From undergrads to post-grads, our Student Writers are a testament to their generations and to their institutions of learning. May you be blessed by their words. Our writers for the most current year are listed below. For writers from previous years follow this link.

2023 Student Writer Profiles

Allen Hamlin Jr. — Trinity College Bristol

Allen Hamlin Jr. will begin his final year of PhD studies this Autumn at Trinity College Bristol (UK), where his research focuses on the narrative function of clothing in the book of Joshua. Allen and his wife Lindsay have served together in cross-cultural ministry since 2006, based in Central Asia and East Asia, prior to locating in the UK for the last 11 years. Their 6-year-old daughter was born in Wales after a long season of infertility. Before moving overseas, Allen completed his ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary, during which time he also taught mathematics at Richland College. He has a passion for digital photography and for encouraging the Church to derive full benefit from God’s revealed Word in the Old Testament Scriptures. He has previously published two books under the title Embracing Followership (2016 & 2017).

Anna Vollema  — Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 

Anna Vollema is a PhD student in Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). After completing a BA in Psychology at Biola University, she fell in love with Scripture and with the goodness of the God depicted therein. Thus, she set out on a journey to help people experience such goodness amidst a yet dark and difficult world. After completing a double MA in Old and New Testament at Talbot School of Theology, she started her degree at TEDS, focusing her doctoral studies on the wrath of God in the book of Psalms. When she grows up, she would like to teach undergraduate Old Testament, especially focusing on biblical interpretation, Old Testament theology, and the poetic and wisdom literature. During her doctoral studies, she has the privilege of working as the Research Scholar for The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. Anna loves people, poetry, trees and is a certifiable pluviophile. 

Carina Bruno — Lancaster Bible College

Carina Bruno is currently attending Lancaster Bible College, majoring in Communication and Biblical Studies. She has always had a deep passion for the arts, specifically writing, acting, and public speaking. Carina was the district and regional winner of the Optimist 2020 Oratorical Contest. She went on to pursue speaking opportunities, including giving a graduation speech for her high school graduating class and presenting devotionals for a conference with Our Daily Bread Ministries: Reclaim Today. Presently, Carina is working as a social media intern for Living Strong Consulting. On the side, she co-hosts a podcast that is expanding and growing, titled “The Introvert City”. She is actively pursuing creative opportunities with the hope of sharing the message of the gospel and God’s desire to draw close to His creation. 

Carolyn Soto Jackson — Truett Theological Seminary

Carolyn Soto Jackson is an author, photographer, and an Associate Pastor of Our Fellowship Christian Church in Houston, Texas. In 2020, she began her studies for Master of Arts in Christian Ministry at Baylor University, George W. Truett Theological Seminary. 

Carolyn is married to Daniel Jackson, and she is also a dog mom to Moose. Her passions include teaching Bible studies, encouraging others to pray, and exhorting women by helping them find their identity in Christ. In her free time, you can find her hiking, cycling, or visiting local coffee shops. Most of all, Carolyn is an adventurer who is passionate about Jesus and enjoys documenting her travels through pen and portraits.

Carolyn Westendorf  —Bob Jones University

Carolyn is a stay-at-home mom of three little boys with a passion for writing. She has poems published in Assisi Journal and The Rockford Review under her maiden name, Wetch. She also wrote for The Park Forum’s Student Writers Month in 2021 and 2022. She is looking forward to graduating from Bob Jones University with a graduate certificate in Teaching Bible in May 2023.

Dennis Nicholson — Liberty University

After four long years of toil, trouble, and sporadic genius, Dennis Nicholson has finally completed his undergraduate mathematics major and eagerly anticipates beginning his seminary studies at Liberty University in the fall. Ideally, he envisions himself spending the next years seated in a rocking chair on the porch, poring over the works of Saint Augustine. Realistically, he will find himself holed up in the library, working on that ten-page essay that was due two weeks ago. This summer, you can expect to find him either binging some form of Japanese media, desperately trying to relearn the piano, preaching at his local church, or fending off writer’s block.

Evie Dykhouse —Calvin Theological Seminary

Evie is starting her seminary journey this fall pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree from Calvin Theological Seminary. After living in Chicagoland for college, Evie has recently returned to her home in the greater Grand Rapids, Michigan, area. In her free time, Evie enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as playing the harp. Within the sphere of ministry and beyond, Evie is passionate about showing hospitality and compassion towards all others and she is very excited to see where God leads her on the way to becoming a chaplain.

Jacque Jordan — A.W Tozer Seminary

Jacque Jordan is a current student at A.W Tozer Seminary getting her Master of Divinity. She received her B.A. in Songwriting from Belmont University in 2017. Jacque lives on a small pond in North Georgia with her German Shepard, Jagger, pursuing the Lord and vice versa. Her focus is on Biblical worship in all its forms so that we can better minister to the heart of the Lord.

Jane Schaible — Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Jane Schaible has enjoyed serving in women’s ministry, preschool ministry, and adult education at her church for nearly 15 years. Her studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School have fueled her passion to build up the local church through faithfully conveying God’s word and encouraging her fellow sisters in the EFCA. Jane and her husband, Daniel, have been married for 16 years, and have two children. She loves to go hiking with her family, can’t say no to a new commentary, and enjoys a good Nancy Drew mystery every now and then.

Jessica Wolske — Tozer Seminary

Jessica Wolske is a Master of Divinity Student at Tozer Seminary. She has ministered in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Jessica finds great joy in creating community with others as they experience Jesus together. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with those beyond the reach of the gospel, mentoring and developing emerging leaders, and biblical hospitality. She currently lives in Redding, CA with her husband and four children.

Jill D. Botticelli  — B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary

Jill Botticelli is a Ph.D. student in Church History at B. H. Carroll Theological Seminary. She currently serves as the Library Director and Archivist at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as well as an Instructor of History at Texas Baptist College. Jill’s passion for history and writing allows opportunities for storytelling and retrieving the past in the area of Texas Baptist history. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, reading, and researching.

Julia Bitler — Lancaster Bible College. 

Julia is currently finishing up her Bachelors in Biblical Studies and Children & Family Ministry at Lancaster Bible College. She is passionate about writing, God’s Word, discipleship, and children. She hopes to eventually publish her own book in the near future. In her free time, Julia enjoys writing, reading, swimming, and spending time with her friends and family. 

Kelsey Stookey —Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Kelsey Hope Stookey is a recent graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where she earned her Master of Divinity with a focus in theology. She is married to Caleb Stookey and is expecting her first child later this year. Kelsey is passionate about walking alongside women and pushing them to fall deeper in love with Jesus through deep discipleship and creating theologically rich content. Currently, she works in non-profit ministry and serves in her church’s children’s ministry alongside her husband. In her free time, she loves traveling, writing, and spending time with her two pups.

L E Mulford — Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 

Lauren Mulford lives in west Michigan with her husband and 7 children. She is currently the Postgraduate Studies Administrator at Kirby Laing Centre for Public Theology in Cambridge. She is studying at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary for her Masters of Theology. She hopes to work in hospice care. She leads weekly Bible studies and enjoys explaining the Word of God to whoever will listen.

Laura Hamilton Hui —New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

After a lifetime of thinking she was called to international missions, Laura found herself in the “foreign” land of New Orleans in 2015 to pursue her MDiv. She stumbled upon Greek halfway through her degree and is now pursuing her Ph.D. in New Testament. Her passion for the nations has led her to study how the insights and interpretations of Christians worldwide can help the Western church understand the Bible even more clearly. She and her husband Augustine love to spend time with their church family, savor the many cuisines of New Orleans, and watch their one-year-old daughter discover the world.

Makayla Payne — Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Makayla is a recent Master of Divinity graduate from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She’s passionate about writing theology beautifully and making it accessible to the church. Her main areas of interest are women in the church, abuse and trauma, the body, and most places theology and psychology intersect. She’s also captured by liturgy, art, and beauty—some of the reasons she made her home in an Anglican church, where she currently works part time doing communications. In her free time, she loves exploring the city of Chicago with friends, especially the food and coffee scene.

Marisa M. Jenkins — Columbia International University

Marisa Jenkins is in the dissertation phase of her PhD program in Practical Theology at Columbia International University. Her topic, “Exploring the Psalms of Personal Lament for Women Living with Chronic Pain” is a subject that is personally impactful to her because of her own experiences with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In 2021, Marisa graduated from Calvary Chapel University with a Master’s degree in Women’s Ministry. She also holds a Certificate in Biblical Hebrew from Reformed Theological Seminary. Marisa lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband of 18 years, and their 12-year-old son.  She has a passion for Women’s Ministry and particularly for teaching women to study and teach God’s Word faithfully. 

Rachel Larsen — Dallas Theological Seminary

Rachel Larsen lives in New York City, where she works as a writer and editor for Chosen People Ministries. She studies historical theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. A lifelong history buff, Rachel believes understanding where we have been is essential to understanding where we are and where we are going. She takes particular interest in modern European and Jewish history, especially the changing philosophical and theological trends. Rachel is also passionate about guiding people toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. Through her writing, she aims to communicate profound biblical truths in an accessible manner. When not writing or studying, she enjoys reading, drinking tea, and swimming.

Robert Hillier — Truett Theological Seminary

Robert just finished his Masters of Divinity from Truett Seminary in May. He serves as the Youth Pastor at First Baptist Church of West, just twenty minutes North of Waco. Robert is engaged to his fiancee, Elon, who is an inpatient rehab nurse. They have a pit-mix named Luna who keeps life very entertaining. In his spare time Robert enjoys being with friends and family, all things Dallas sports, movies, hiking and exercising, and of course Whataburger.

Susan Elliott  —  Friends University

Susan works for the Dallas Willard Ministries in the School of Kingdom Living, combining her love of theology with spiritual formation and hospitality. She teaches Bible studies at her church, is a board member for The Center for Pastor Theologians, and partners with her husband Kirk in providing leadership and ministry support to individuals and non-profits. Most days she can be found hiking the nearby Sonoran Desert trails, reading theology, or blending meaningful conversation and simple, savory meals into “a wee messianic banquet” with friends.  

Vienna Scott — Yale Divinity School

Vienna Scott attends Yale University studying Religious Studies and Political Science. She is the Executive Editor for the Yale Logos, debates with the Yale Political Union, and enjoys fellowship-ing with Christian Union. She has published articles in the Yale Logos and The Politic. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering with Children’s ministries, teaching math, and hiking.

Zachary Adams — Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

No bio submitted.