As the park is to the city, so the Word is to life.

Like a park in the midst of a city, God’s word should be a source of refreshment, joy, and inspiration—a place to play, acting out our faith, and a place to connect to community and the rest of creation.

We pray that you will walk through God’s Word with us.

We are a community of over 3,000 readers who seek to cultivate vibrant faith and sharpen cultural insight through curated devotionals and scripture readings. We invite you to start your day off with a short reflection and time in the Scriptures.

Each weekday we provide devotional reflection and daily Bible readings from the M’Cheyne Reading Plan which we modified to cover around two chapters of scripture per day. This allows our community to read through the entire Bible every two years.

John_TillmanJohn Tillman :: Author and Managing Director

John is a writer, minister, educator, playwright, actor, and director. John first began working with Park Forum in 2015 as Community and Social Media Manager and began writing in 2017.

John received an M.A. in Communication from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and toured the world as part of the theatre arts troupe, The Company, ministering all over the United States, as well as Europe, Canada, and China. John lives with his wife in Fort Worth, TX and has been in ministry for over twenty years.

In that time John has been on staff at a large church, and led worship for small churches, large international conferences and everything in between. He regularly helped produce and has taught at independent and denominational educational conferences for local, state, national, and international audiences.

John co-led the Writing Department for Elevate Kids and Elevate Jr. Curriculum published by Creative Pastors. John also writes children’s ministry curriculum for Orange, and has written for Incredible Islands, and Standard Publishing.

In addition to writing The Park Forum, John is working with Ministry Accelerator to innovate children’s ministry through mentoring and community.

Bethany Jenkins :: Founder
The Park Forum was founded by Bethany Jenkins in 2006. Prior to its founding, Bethany worked at the New York Stock Exchange, at the U.S. Department of State, and on Capitol Hill for Jennifer Dunn and Joe Scarborough. Bethany received her J.D. from Columbia Law School, where she was a Stone Scholar and served as the Executive Writing and Research Editor on The Journal of Law and Social Problems. She received her M.A. from George Washington University and her B.A. from Baylor University. Bethany makes her home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.