Off and on, for many years, readers and friends have asked us about starting a podcast. The waiting is over.

The trailer and multiple full episodes are out. Have you listened yet? New episodes will be coming out weekly for a limited time! Please listen, rate the episodes, and share with others to help the show grow.

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Below is a quote from the pilot episode/trailer explaining the vision and purpose of the show.

We need a pause…

Chaos and noise fill our world. Competing voices and eye-catching distractions seek our attention. Algorithms and artificial intelligences work to take our thoughts captive, selling fear, products, power, pleasure, or political views. Spiritual intelligences also pull us toward sin, steer us away from the truth, and cloud our thoughts and actions.

In this chaos, Christians hope to make peace, share truth, and show love. We first must have what we hope for. To make peace, we must be at peace. To share truth, we must be truth-filled. To show love, we must be loved.

We need a clearing in the chaos. We need to deaden the noise. We need respite from enslaving influences. We need a cleansing of our thoughts. We need a holy space. We need a pause.

A city park is a pause in the pattern of concrete, steel, and glass. Spiritual disciplines are a pause in the pattern of achievement, striving, and stress. Parks don’t just “happen” in a city. We must plan, design, and build green space. Spiritual disciplines don’t just “happen” in our lives. We must plan, design, and build holy space.

At The Park Forum, we want to help you build holy space in your life. We want to help you pause. Our podcast, Pause to Read, will encourage you to use scripture, reflection, and prayer to cultivate and grow a robust faith that stands out, like a park in the city and brings life to you and those around you.

On Pause to Read, a podcast by The Park Forum, we read a devotional from the past year and encourage listeners to pause to read the scripture before continuing to listen to the devotional.

We pray this pause helps listeners resume their day with peace, truth, and love that come to us from God the Father through his Son, Jesus Christ, and our Helper, the Holy Spirit, who inspired the scriptures through which we have the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be sure to follow, like, share, and subscribe to our podcast. Every listen, click, and share helps others discover our ministry and, more importantly, discover the importance of pausing to read, reflect, and pray in God’s Word.