Psalm 60.5-6
Give salvation by your right hand and answer us! God has spoken in his holiness.

In his sermon, Order and Argument in Prayer, Charles Spurgeon said that we should not merely go to God with our requests; we should go to Him full of arguments as well: 

“The best prayers I have ever heard in our prayer meetings have been those which have been fullest of argument … I have listened to brethren who have come before God feeling the mercy to be really needed, and that they must have it, for they first pleaded with God to give it for this reason, and then for a second, and then for a third, and then for a fourth and a fifth, until they have awakened the fervency of the entire assembly.”

Spurgeon gave several reasons to use in prayer: 

  1. We can plead the character of God, praying, “Be in this situation as you are in essence – just, merciful, faithful, wise, patient and tender.” 
  2. We can plead His promises, praying, “Do as you have said. Keep your promises.” 
  3. We can plead His great name, praying, “We have put our trust in you. Arise and uphold your name.” 
  4. We can plead our sorrows, praying, “We are dust. Come deliver us from despair.” 
  5. We can plead the past, praying, “You brought your people out of Egypt. Do not forsake us. Rescue us.” 
  6. We can plead our own unworthiness, praying, “We are great sinners, but your grace shines brightest when it is bestowed on the unrighteous.” 
  7. We can plead the sufferings, death, merit and intercession of Jesus, praying, “Do not look upon us, but look upon Jesus. Remember his wounds and cries on the cross for us.”

Here, in Psalm 60, we see that David prayed with arguments. He claimed God’s promises: “Manasseh is mine; Ephraim is my helmet; Judah is my scepter.’” He claimed God’s superiority: “Grant us help against the foe, for vain is the salvation of man!” He reminded God of His past provision for Israel when he claimed God’s “right hand.”

Lord, we order our causes before you as a petitioner comes into court. For we are in the presence of the King of Kings and we give thought to your divine goodness. Help us to order our prayers so that our fervency in prayer awakens and our view of you increases. Amen.

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Numbers 21 (Listen – 5:03)
Psalms 60-61 (Listen – 2:27)

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