Scripture Focus: Acts 13.29-31
29 When they had carried out all that was written about Him, they took Him down from the tree and laid Him in a tomb. 30 But God raised Him from the dead, 31 and for many days He was seen by those who had accompanied Him from Galilee to Jerusalem. They are now His witnesses to our people.

Reflection: Eyewitness News
By Rev. John Paul Davis

Whenever I hear the word “eyewitness,” I am immediately reminded of a television newsman, Marvin Zindler. Mr. Zindler was known for his personal investigations and his sign-off statement, “Marvin Zindler, Eyewitness news!”

Likewise, Luke and Acts are eyewitness accounts of Jesus’s ministry and Luke’s own eyewitness account. Luke is an “eyewitness” investigative reporter and his journalistic approach gives the believer accurate and factual documentation of how Jesus’ Kingdom of God ministry eventually evolved into the religion we know today as Christianity.

The book of Acts provides us with hope and encouragement upon which Christians today can build their faith. We too can commit to actions that embody Jesus’s Great Commission (Matthew 28.16-20).

In Acts chapter 13, Luke gives an eyewitness account of how the early apostles had to overcome many trials and tribulations to fulfill the Great Commission. Prior to verses 29 through 31, Luke records how Paul stands boldly and courageously before the synagogue leaders in Jerusalem and professes Jesus as the fulfillment of “The Law and The Prophets,” foretold in ancient Hebrew scriptures. Nevertheless, contrary to their initial intrigue and acceptance, these Jewish leaders eventually turned against Paul and the apostles, thus beginning Paul’s church planting ministry among the Gentiles.

Today, we can stand on the fact that Luke puts his stamp of approval on this eyewitness account of the acts of the apostles after the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 1.1-4). Because of this, we stand boldly and courageously before a postmodern world and profess the same message as the early apostles. “Jesus rose from the dead and lives even today as the risen savior of the world!”

Two millennia have passed since events described in the book of Acts, and yet the truth of the acts of the Holy Spirit and the apostles is still transforming lives today.  Pray and meditate on God’s word today, remembering the same Holy Spirit that resided in the apostles, resides in us through Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, bless us as we embrace your calling to be doers of your word. Remind us that, “they can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.”(Philippians 4.13).

Divine Hours Prayer: A Reading
Jesus taught us saying: “I give you a new commandment: love one another; you must love one another just as I have loved you. It is by your love for one another, that everyone will recognize you as my disciples.” — John 13.34-35

Today’s Readings
Isaiah 55 (Listen – 2:11)
Acts 13 (Listen – 7:36)

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