Our mission at The Park Forum is to cultivate vibrant faith and sharpen cultural insight through curated devotionals and scripture readings. Each day over 4,000 of us read, pray, and expand our faith through this community.

Over the last year we’ve sought to grow not only our knowledge of Scripture, but our understanding of the culture we live in. We believe that fostering an informed faith is one of the first steps in making the grace and peace of Christ known in our communities.

To that end, we created The Weekend Reading List (and broke our standard 400 word post format on Fridays) this past July. These more in-depth pieces explore the practice of faith in the modern world and have been ordered around five key themes.

Today, for the final Weekend Reading List of the year, we want to take a look back at some of our favorites.



Oct9Our hearts, like fine instruments, need to be tuned. Getting to the Heart sought to transcend legalism and find true transformation in the gospel. (Includes audio from Timothy Keller.)




Sept 4Humor’s Moral Purpose looks at the intersection of Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Amy Schemer, and theology. (We’ve also explored the comedy of Louis C.K.)





Nov6In a topic appropriate for today, we’ve looked at David Brooks on Simplicity and Morality—although, depending on your day, you may want to read Rest for the Weary or Faith and the NFL.




Oct16“God will, generally speaking, not compete for our attention,” says Dallas Willard. In There’s (Not) An App For That we look at the way technology can evaporate solitude and silence.





Stories of the Oppressed was our most shared piece of the year. The love of God embracing refugees through our arms is critical for evangelism today. (More on Syria herehere & here.)



Today’s Reading
1 Chronicles 23 (Listen – 4:20)
1 Peter 4 (Listen – 2:50)

This Weekend’s Readings
1 Chronicles 24-25 (Listen – 7:01) 1 Peter 5 (Listen – 2:11)
1 Chronicles 26-27 (Listen – 11:09) 2 Peter 1 (Listen – 3:06)