Psalm 111.9
He sent redemption to his people; he has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is his name! 

How Must We in All Things Give Thanks? | by William Cooper

Stop and reflect upon every mercy coming to you in the stream of Christ’s blood, and through the covenant of grace. Because God’s mercy is in line with His covenant, every mercy is a token of the Lord’s favor to his favored: it is that which makes even common mercies become special mercies.

Carnal men, though they enjoy mercies, mind not which way they come — so long they have them. But a child of God knows that every thing that comes through Christ’s hands is the better for it, and tastes the sweeter by far.

A crust of brown bread, coming in mercy is better than a purse full of gold another way. As a king’s kiss to one friend was said to be better gold than a cup of gold which he gave another friend.

Look on mercies as answers to you prayers, and bless the Lord for them on that account. All our mercies we get by prayer should be the more solemnly dedicated to the Lord by thanksgiving. Such a frame of a thankful heart is a spiritual frame; that God has inclined and directed your heart to beg such a mercy is a special act of the Spirit of adoption.

If the chief Shepherd seeks us together, and keeps us from straggling, and brings us under command, this is a mercy to Christ’s sheep. Mercies are drawing-cords, afflictions are whip-— bot drive us and by both we are brought nearer to God. It is a special mercy when any of God’s dealings draw or drive us nearer to Him. 

That storm that sinks and splits some ships, drives others faster into the haven: so do the troubles of this world make a true Christian’s voyage towards heaven the speedier. Thank him.

Today’s Readings
Deuteronomy 22 (Listen – 4:13)
Psalms 110-111 (Listen – 1:57)

*Today’s devotional is abridged, and language updated from, “How Must We in All Things Give Thanks?” Part of Cooper’s argument was removed, as he believed answered prayer was “a sign that God ”accepts you.” This is clearly not the case in scripture or Christ’s experience Gethsemane would have gone radically different as he prayed, “remove this cup.”

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