Subway Series

NEW!! Psalm 22: Coming Soon!

By Spring 2011, our four-week study on Psalm 22 will be available.  So check back here for an update.  Until then, try out Week 1 as a sample! Subway Series: Psalm 22 (Week 1 – SAMPLE).

What Defines the Subway Series?

We’ve created a unique small group curriculum with accompanying daily devotionals that include a short meditation passage, an Old and New Testament reading, a reflection, and a prayer.

  • 750 Words or Less

Each day’s devotional is 750 words or less – just like a NYT op-ed – and, therefore, can be meditated on for as long as you’d like. Each day is meant to be reflective and thoughtful, thereby enhancing your Christian meditation and practice by growing your Bible literacy and knowledge.

  • Commuter Friendly

Each study has the entire text at your fingertips, which means that you can grab it on-the-go and read on the subway, at the doctor’s office, or wherever else your busy life takes you.

  • Intertextual Approach

Each study approaches the Bible intertextually – that is, it connects the New Testament with the Old. For example, in Philippians, Paul – a Pharisee and expert in the law – made references to the Old Testament frequently. In Philippians 2:14 (ESV), Paul writes:

“Do all things without grumbling or questioning…”

By using the word, “grumbling,” Paul is purposefully calling to mind the “grumbling” that the Israelites did in the wilderness when God consistently provided for them and they continued to complain (see Exodus 14-17). What do we learn by adding the Old Testament reading? We learn that Paul is not merely telling us not to grumble; rather, he is telling us not to grumble in light of the many ways that God has already provided and promises to continue to provide.

  • Lively Conversation

Each week in small group, the discussion will be lively and informed because those who attend will have been considering the passage all week through their daily devotionals.

5 Responses to “Subway Series”

  1. Hi – I’d like to find out more about the small group and how I could attend one. I am moving from DC (back) to NYC this week.

    Thank you,

  2. looks great, Bethany. Blessings to this endeavor!


  3. Claudia, You can join a small group at and work through the subway series with your group. Hope your move went well!

  4. These comments are old. What is the status of the Subway Series?



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