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The Park Forum is a 501(c)(3), tax-deductible organization that promotes daily engagement in the Word.

Over the past five years more than 3,600 readers have subscribed to our emails and more than 3,500 people now visit per month. Praise God for using our small nonprofit to bring the Word daily to people in cities! And praise him for calling us together as a community to make it happen.

Not only is our online presence growing, we are also looking forward to what is coming next. We believe that we are more likely to read the Bible daily if we are doing it in community and are working on site and app updates to help that happen.

Join us in these efforts!

  • Donate online:

One-time donation [click here] or monthly donation [choose: $50, $100,$175, $250]. *Note: The first month donation will be matched during this fundraiser.

  • Donate by mail:

A check made payable to “The Park Forum” and sent to:
The Park Forum
Rockefeller Center Station
Number 2024
New York, NY 10185

Thank you very much for contributing to our efforts!

As always, please also let us know what you think –

Thank you!

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