Advent 2012

This year, join us as we prepare for the celebration of the incarnation, which C.S. Lewis calls, “the grand miracle”. During the month of December, different ministry leaders from all over the world will be writing Advent reflections.

We hope that this time together will do, at least, two things: (1) prepare our hearts to worship Christ as King, and (2) encourage our reading of the Word in the context of virtual community. If you’re not already signed up to receive our daily devotionals, you can sign up here.

Here is the lineup of our wonderful contributors:


7 Responses to “Advent 2012”

  1. What an exciting variety of writers during this holy season of the year! I am looking forward to each day already!

  2. I discovered Park Forum one year ago during Advent and fell in love! I am so grateful for its readiness, it’s thoughtfulness, and its ministry to my cold heart – which needs warming by the minute by the fire of the gospel. Thank you! I am sooooo excited for another Advent with you (no pressure :).

  3. Michael, that is a hard lesson for us to learn, I think. We store up rahetr than trusting God. However, there are times (I think of Joseph in Egypt) when it is wise to build up our stores for the hard times. Learning when to save and when to let go and trust is a delicate balance.


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