“Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good.”

by Bethany

Today’s Readings: Daniel 10, Psalm 119:1-24


Do you live your life naturally or supernaturally? Have you domesticated and tamed God? Do you skip over verses about His majesty to focus on ones that you can apply? Is prayer your afterthought, not weapon?


After Daniel saw his final vision, he was terrified. In setting himself to understand it, he mourned and fasted for three weeks. Then, he was met by a heavenly man whose mere presence made Daniel’s men tremble and run – although they never saw him. Once Daniel was alone, the man touched him and Daniel – who had fearlessly entered the lion’s den – shook terribly and fell.


The man comforted Daniel. He told him that God saw his three-week search: “Do not be afraid, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart on understanding this and on humbling yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to your words” [1]. He told Daniel that, although there was spiritual warfare that delayed his coming [2], he would show him a vision of the future, when God would have certain victory [3].


C.S. Lewis once wrote allegorically of the paradox of the love and fear elicited by the presence of God, who is pictured as Aslan the Lion:

“Is – is he a man?” asked Lucy. “Aslan a man!” said Mr. Beaver sternly. “Certainly not. I can tell you he is the King of the wood and the son of the great Emporer-Beyond-the-Sea … Aslan is a lion – The Lion, The great Lion.” “Ooh,” said Susan, “I thought he was a man. Is he – quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion.” “That you will, dearie, and make no mistake,” said Mrs. Beaver, “if there’s anyone who can appear before Aslan without their knees knocking, they’re either braver than most or else just silly.” “Then he isn’t safe?” said Lucy. “Safe?” said Mr. Beaver, “don’t you hear what Mrs. Beaver tells you? Who said anything about safe?” Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King I tell you” [4].


Lord, I confess that I have domesticated you by treating the supernatural lightly and being unmoved by your Word. At the end of this age, when the sky opens and Jesus appears, I want to have lived an extraordinary life for you. Work in my heart to tremble and fall before you in prayer. Amen.


[1]  Daniel 10:12 NASB  |  [2] The man told Daniel that he was delayed in coming to him because “the prince of the kingdom of Persia was withstanding [him] for twenty-one days” (Daniel 10:13 NASB], until Michael came to help him. He later told Daniel, “I shall now return to fight against the prince of Persia; so I am going forth, and behold, the prince of Greece is about to come” (Daniel 10:20 NASB). Historically, although Babylon had once been in control of the area, Persia was now in control. In a few years, however, Greece and its ruler Alexander the Great would take over and then Rome. Thus, the vision given to Daniel is about the rising and falling of kingdoms – Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. Despite the changing earthly princes, however, the heavenly man told Daniel that God’s people had their own prince in heaven who fought at the spiritual level: “I will tell you what is inscribed in the writing of truth. Yet there is no one who stands firmly with me against these forces except Michael your prince” (Daniel 10:21 NASB). Thus, there are always two levels at work – the historical level that we see it (e.g., the rising and falling of kingdoms and Daniel’s praying, mourning and fasting) and the heavenly level that we do not see (e.g., the heavenly man and Michael’s struggle with the prince of Persia and the sending of the man to Daniel). |  [3] Daniel 10 is the preparation for the description of the vision, which is in Chapters 11-12.  |  [4] C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


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