Can you hear the singing of the groom?

by Bethany

Today’s Readings: Isaiah 62, Matthew 10

The Focus on the Groom

Having been in seventeen weddings, I know that the bride is the center of attention.  She is the one who is showered with gifts and parties.  She is the one who dons “the dress” and is surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting.  It is at her entrance that the guests stand.

In 2003, however, I began questioning this.  That year, although I walked down the aisle as a bride’s attendant, I stood at the altar as the groom’s sister.  Rather than watching my sister-in-law walk down the aisle, I watched my brother as he looked upon her coming toward him.  I couldn’t stop crying as I saw his beaming smile, fixed gaze and tiny tears.  Although normally a thoughtful lawyer and competitive athlete, he was emotionally captured.

I now watch the groom at weddings.  And – at the end of the age – I’ll be watching the groom as well.  And – mysteriously and miraculously – He’ll be watching me.

The Groom’s Work

In chapters 1-39, we see that God is going to purify Israel through the Babylonian exile; in other words, He is going to remove her stains and clothe her in white.  Then, in chapters 40-55, we learn how God will console them in their exile; in other words, He will display His love and woo them to Himself.  Finally, here, in chapters 56-66, we see how God is preparing His people for salvation.  The bright spot of His plan is chapters 60-62, in which God speaks of the final glory (60), the Year of Jubilee (61), and the watching for salvation (62).

The Bride’s Beauty Based on the Groom’s Work

As He anticipates showering His people with salvation, He compares His joy to that of a groom on his wedding day: “ … the Lord will take delight in you … as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you” [1].  God does not hesitatingly admit His people into His kingdom as though Christ were a loophole.  Rather, He prepares the aisle for us: “ … go through the gates, clear the way for the people” [2]. He gives us His name: “It will no longer be said to you, ‘Forsaken’ … but you will be called, ‘My delight is in her’” [3]. As the redeemed, “the nations will see [our] righteousness, and all kings [our] glory” [4].

If you could hear His singing and see His joy over you, how would your life be changed?


[1] Isaiah 62:4-5 NASB  |  [2] Isaiah 62:10 NASB  |  [3] Isaiah 62:4 NASB  |  [4] Isaiah 62:2 NASB

One Comment to “Can you hear the singing of the groom?”

  1. Another beautiful insight!

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