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July 1, 2009

[Morning Walk] Gone Picking Up Litter

by Bethany


gone picking up litter in the park 
(… studying for the bar)


Good morning, my fellow Parkgoers!

In preparation for the Bar (which takes place on July 28 & 29), I have decided to take a hiatus from 843 acres during the month of July. This decision was not easy for me, though, since I know that many of you have incorporated this blog into your morning devotional routine. So, I thought I would provide some helpful comments.

First, a few friends have warned me that, by taking this break, I will lose your faithful readership. For two reasons, however, that is a risk I am willing to take. (1) This project has always been purposed and will continue to be purposed on giving God the glory.  If your mind or heart has ever been touched while reading any post on this site, it is because the Lord has used me to speak to you. He will continue to speak to you through His word even when I do not post anything. (2) I will learn humility by giving up this project for the month and by risking the loss of you.  Although I pray that does not happen, I know that the only fear that I should ever hold firmly is the fear of losing the Lord. So, it is good practice to give up things that we hold tightly (especially when the Lord has called me to take the Bar and to do it well).

Second, a few things to keep in mind in the interim. (1) I will begin 843 acres again on Monday, August 3rd. At this point, there will be contributing authors from the 843 acres team who will be posting at least once a week. So, get excited for various perspectives on the Word! (2) At that point, there will be a free email subscription service for you to receive the devotional on your Blackberry or iPhone, so there will be no need for you to log-on to the web. (3) You are more than welcome to continue the M’Cheyne reading plan along with me, and I have included each day’s readings below with a hyperlink for easy access.

Finally, I love writing for all of you. And, I love hearing from you that this little project is reaching you and pointing you towards God. Since I haven’t really “advertised” for this blog, I am constantly amazed when I run into people at parties and they tell me that they read it every day, or when I get a message from a friend who says the same thing. So, thank you for joining me on this new journey.

Until then, much love and blessings from your fellow Parkgoer in Christ.

P.S. If you’re wondering, “So, what’s up with the ‘Parkgoer’ thing?”, check out the above links for The Park Forum or about 843 acres.


the daily readings

wednesday, july 1
joshua 3; psalms 126-128

thursday, july 2 
joshua 4; psalms 129-131

friday, july 3
joshua 5-6:5; psalms 132-134

saturday, july 4
joshua 6:6-27; psalms 135-136

sunday, july 5
joshua 7; psalms 137-138

monday, july 6
joshua 8; psalm 139

tuesday, july 7
joshua 9, psalms 140-141

wednesday, july 8
joshua 10; psalms 142-143

thursday, july 9
joshua 11; psalm 144

friday, july 10
joshua 12-13; psalm 145

saturday, july 11
joshua 14-15; psalms 146-147

sunday, july 12
joshua 16-17; psalm 148

monday, july 13
joshua 18-19; psalms 149-150

tuesday, july 14
joshua 20-21; acts 1

wednesday, july 15
joshua 22; acts 2

thursday, july 16
joshua 23; acts 3

friday, july 17
joshua 24; acts 4

saturday, july 18
judges 1; acts 5

sunday, july 19
judges 2; acts 6

monday, july 20
judges 3; acts 7

tuesday, july 21
judges 4; acts 8

wednesday, july 22
judges 5; acts 9

thursday, july 23
judges 6; acts 10

friday, july 24
judges 7; acts 11

saturday, july 25
judges 8; acts 12

sunday, july 26
judges 9; acts 13

monday, july 27
judges 10-11:11; acts 14

tuesday, july 28
judges 11:12-49; acts 15

wednesday, july 29
judges 12; acts 16

thursday, july 30
judges 13; acts 17

friday, july 31
judges 14; acts 18

saturday, august 1
judges 15; acts 19

sunday, august 2
judges 16; acts 20

monday, august 3 … and we’re back!


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