only one chance : isaiah 26:8

by Bethany

To what extent can Congress formulate the exercise of virtually any legislative power as an exercise of its power over the purse thus defeating any arrow in the Executive’s quiver?


Can you answer that question? I can’t. But, in theory, I should be able to by Friday. That’s when I have my Constitutional Law and Foreign Affairs final – my first of three in my last round of law school finals ever!


I will not miss law school exams. First, they’re tough and frustrating because there’s never a “right” answer. Second, they are long (Friday’s exam is 8 hours). Finally, for any given course, the exam is the entire grade – no mid-terms, no class participation grade, no papers. Everything I’ve learned over the past semester comes down to that one test – so, I have to make it count!


The best thing about finals, on the other hand, is that I know exactly when they are going to take place, which means that I can prepare. So, rather than cramming everything into my pea brain over the past few days, I’ve been (somewhat) diligent to read the materials as they’ve been assigned.


Similar to a law school exam, we are know that one thing in life is going to happen: death (… and taxes, of course!).  But, unlike a law school exam, we don’t know when it will be.  The fact that we don’t know the timing, however, doesn’t meant that we don’t have to prepare – rather, because there is no option of cramming, we need to spend time preparing every day.


How do we do this? There are many ways! One of the ways that I prepare each morning is by telling myself: “Bethany, you only have one task today: to know God and enjoy Him. Everything that comes before you today is secondary to that task.” And then I remind myself of Isaiah 26:8:  

 Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and your renown are the desire of our hearts.

 How do you prepare?

4 Comments to “only one chance : isaiah 26:8”

  1. I wake up and pray:

    “Teach me Thy way, O LORD; I will walk in Thy truth: unite my heart to fear Thy Name”. Psalm 86:11.

    Also, just like a law school exam where only the final counts, death is the same. You die once and you either go to heaven or to hell. There is no second chance. How much more we have to prepare for that!

    Loving the blog.

  2. Ruth, Thanks for sharing that. I love that verse and am going to add it to my morning!

  3. Bethany,
    Bryant passed along your wonderful blog to me. Any morning scripture suggestions for the spouses of law students??? Good luck on finals… and not only could I not answer that question, I have no idea what it meant! I salute you all!
    -Sarah Lee

  4. Sarah – Thanks for commenting. I barely know what it means either. At least Bryant’s a 2L … that horrible 1L year is over (ahhh … the curve … that’s another reason that I hate law school exams!).

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