the mystery of adoption : ephesians 3:6

by Bethany

I visited an orphanage for the first time when I was only 12 years old. As a child myself, I held my dad’s hand while we met orphans who craved affection and care. I wondered: Who gives them a goodnight kiss like my mom and dad give me? When they have a fever, who gives them a cold towel for their forehead?

Twenty years later, I can now answer these questions for at least one orphan: my nephew Khai. Two weeks ago, my brother and sister-in-law travelled to Vietnam to adopt their new son. When they received him, they discovered that he had bronchitis, that he was only breathing at 94%, and that he had scabies.  Immediately, they sought out a doctor in Vietnam, made an appointment with a specialist in the United States, and booked earlier flights to return. Yesterday morning, they arrived home with Khai in their arms to meet his whole family, including his new sister Isabelle.

my nephew Khai and my sister-in-law LeanneMy Sister-in-Law and Khai

Now, as members of one family, my nephew Khai and my niece Isabelle are heirs together in the inheritance of our family’s wealth, love, and care – regardless of their birth status. The mystery of the gospel is the same – the natural born children are joined together with the adopted children in one family under Jesus Christ for all those who believe. As much as my brother and sister-in-law longed to act quickly to bind Khai’s wounds, our new father is lavish in his care over us. As Paul writes in Ephesians 3:6,

This mystery is that, through the gospel, the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

To read more about Khai’s adoption process, visit:

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5 Responses to “the mystery of adoption : ephesians 3:6”

  1. So, am I the first to make a comment on your blog? I loved what you wrote about Khai and how you made it relevant to the Word. Isn’t is amazing that upon adoption the adopted child no longer has any any legal ties to the birth family and the child automatically acquires the name and all legal rights of inheritance of the adoptive family. What a beautiful picture of us being adopted into God’s family! God chooses us and when we love him back we are adopted into His family forever. The old life is gone and the new life in Him begins with all rights of inheritance and we even get to bear His name.

  2. I love this.
    What a beautiful illustration of adoption – and beautiful photo, too! ;)

  3. I cried when I read this. what a beautiful picture of God’s love for us — new beginnings, amazing love. love you. can’t wait to see you!

    and i promise to try to get pictures of the two of them asap. :)


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